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Dashawn Tye in Ewing - Southeast Asian Martial Arts Academy (SEAMAA)

Dashawn Tye

Coach Tye is the Head Coach for Ewing Recreation Wrestling team. He began wrestling in 1995 wrestling at Ewing High School. Coach Tye volunteered as a coach at Ewing High School from 1998 to 2005 and then volunteered at Notre Dame High School from 2006 till 2008 before starting the All in 1 Wrestling club.

Coach Tye's favorite part about coaching is the kids. The kids are very eager to learn the sport and they take everything in, says Coach Tye.

"This sport is tough, but it is also a lot of fun. This sport can help you out in life. It shows you how not to quit and not to give up," he says. Coach Tye recommends that the parents learn as much as they can about the sport from the coaches, too. It's a great help to be able to support your kid during a match.

Coach Tye's specialties as a heavyweight wrestler were upper body techniques. His bread and butter moves were the duck under and the lateral drop.

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