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Smart Safe is the name of our effective Women's Self Defense program. This system is designed to meet the specific self protection needs of woman worldwide. A fusion of awareness, prevention and self protection techniques - this is a great program for building self confidence and awareness for women.

Smart Safe is unlike any women's self-defense program that has come along before it. We’ve merged situational awareness with preventative tactics to create a comprehensive, reality-based women’s self-defense program that will enhance your ability to handle violent confrontations as well as everyday life.


In our Smart Safe program you will learn:

  • Comprehensive Survival Skills
  • Situational Awareness Mindset
  • Fear Psychology
  • Sexual Assault Scenarios
  • Kidnapping Attempt Defense
  • Car Jacking & Home Invasion Defense
  • Gun Disarming
  • Defense Against Strikes, Holds and Grappling
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Pre and Post Confrontation Tactics
  • Extreme Conflict Mindset and The Never Give Up Attitude!

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No previous experience is necessary to join this program, we welcome all levels of fitness and experience! If you are interested in learning more information about talking Women's Self Defense in Ewing simply fill out the short form on the side of this page.


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