Guru Ed Greene Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Kids Martial Arts near Hamilton Township

Guru Ed Greene

SEAMAA has offered classes in the New Jersey area since 1994. Chief Instructor Ed Greene has been training in the Martial Arts continuously for over 20 years. Guru Ed is certified by the authoritative masters of each of the offered arts and has tested his skills in full contact fighting bouts and travels continuously to Southeast Asia to train and fight.

  • KRU Muay Thai under Master Ace Ramirez
  • 8 Venoms Muay Thai under Kru Grajales
  • Panglipur Silat under Kang Cecep Rahman 
  • Silat Harimau Berantai under Professor Jak Othman
  • Silat Seni Gayong under Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif
  • Shaolin Kung Fu under Chaan Tzu Ismail Saadat
  • Commando Krav Maga under Moni Aizik
  • Hatha Yoga under Fran Duvall/Shari Simon
  • Massage Therapist BCIT

Southeast Asian Martial Arts Academy (SEAMAA), located in Ewing, NJ is a unified concept of Southeast Asian Martial Arts and traditional healing systems, where the martial art is not just about fighting, but also about healing and personal development. Even though SEAMAA has its roots in the fighting arts of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, it also has elements of other Silat styles, Chinese Kung Fu, Western Boxing... and Krav Maga!

SEAMAA has what you are looking for. We offer a challenging and yet relaxed personal atmosphere, for adult men and women, and an exciting, yet challenging children and young adults program, for learning unique martial arts from highly experienced instructors. You can get fit, advance your skills, and enjoy doing it - for a month, a year, or as a life-long pursuit. No egos, no attitudes, no judgments, just friendly people, vigorous training, and great martial arts.

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