Feel safe and confident with our Beginner Womens Self Defense Classes

Smart Safe is the name of our Women's Self Defense program. This system is designed to meet the self protection needs of woman. This program includes a mix of awareness, prevention and self protection techniques.

Smart Safe is unlike any women's self-defense program. We’ve merged situational awareness with preventative tactics to create a reality-based women’s self-defense program that will enhance your ability to handle violent confrontations/every day situations.

In this program we have a NEVER GIVE UP attitude!

Learn Life Saving Womens Self Defense Techniques

In our Smart Safe program you will learn:
  • Survival Skills
  • Situational Awareness
  • Sexual Assault Scenarios
  • Kidnapping Attempt Defense
  • Car Jacking & Home Invasion Defense
  • Gun Disarming
  • And much more!